3 hours agoHuntington, NY +22 milesItems Wanted
Need strong boxes to move my HP PC, monitor and printer. Also a 21'x 27" flat screen TV.
15-Aug-2018Queens, NY +8 milesItems Wanted
I want to draw again but lost all my supplies due to moving. Ideally, I want some paper, paint brushes, and paint. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.
15-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +22 milesItems Wanted
If you have any Belgium block laying around, I d be happy to take it off your hands to finish a project
15-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +16 milesItems Wanted
I have a small animal rescue. I rescue cats, dogs, rabbits, from kill shelters. we get them medical treatment and find forever homes. we really could use some supplies if anyone can help: Larger Pet carrier Pet Stroller Blankets sheets Thanks so much in advance.
15-Aug-2018Hempstead, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
If you have an IPhone 6 that's not being used, please let me know. Thank you!
15-Aug-2018Manhattan, NY +18 milesItems Wanted
would appreciate it if you have extra baking sheets! :)
15-Aug-2018Manhattan, NY +18 milesItems Wanted
needed for library e-books. thank you
15-Aug-2018Hempstead, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
will travel and pick up asap ...single mom freezer broke on fridge been searching to buy a used one but all over 300 I just do not have the extra cash ...work pretty much keeps a roof over our heads nothing fancy just one that works thank you
15-Aug-2018Manhattan, NY +18 milesItems Wanted
My Sister just had a cutie pie new baby, and is starting a masters program. I need to help make this happen so cutie pie will be spending some time with me, which I love, but have work of my own from home. My youngest is 13- gave away baby stuff LONG ago. SO- If anyone has a swing (primarily) or other baby supplies in good clean condition that they are ready to clear out, I would LOVE to come g...
15-Aug-2018Queens, NY +8 milesItems Wanted
I'm going to a new college and the best way for me to get there is by bike but I'm in a tough financial situation to be able to afford one right now. I would really appreciate if someone could give me their bike that they no longer use so I can bike to school. Thank you!
15-Aug-2018Queens, NY +8 milesItems Wanted
In search of any Hooked on Phonics material. Thank You.
15-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +22 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have a sturdy easel they're not using anymore? I could really use it when I paint. Thanks, in advance!
14-Aug-2018Hempstead, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a women's cruiser bicycle about 24 to 26 inches. I need it to get back and forth to school.
14-Aug-2018Hempstead, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
I need to lose weight because of medical conditions and I want to start with a bench and weights. If you are disposing of any of this equipment it would be greatly appreciated!
14-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +22 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has photo/picture frames to give away, we'd gladly take them off your hands!
14-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +22 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I know everyone has upgraded to Windows 10. I need of working disks and serial key for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Operating System. Thank you so much.
14-Aug-2018Manhattan, NY +18 milesItems Wanted
Do you have an outdoor table with umbrella or outdoor couches you're looking to get rid of? I'd be happy to take them. Thanks.
14-Aug-2018Queens, NY +8 milesItems Wanted
Hey guys I m looking for a working manual or electric typewriter. Thanks!
14-Aug-2018Queens, NY +8 milesItems Wanted
Looking for Picture Frames to place achievement certificates of my grandchildren. So if you have any lying around without use. I would love to pick them up immediately.
14-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +16 milesItems Wanted
Hi all, My existing sewing machine finally crapped out and I was wondering if there were any sitting in a closet collecting dust you'd mind terribly donating to me. can come collect it any day after 6pm M-F. thanks!
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